A story based on social inclusion


We structure and implement programs and projects based on thorough social research and strive towards social inclusion in order to transform the realities of populations in vulnerable situations.

We base our work in the city of Medellin, Colombia, around two different lines:
Go to Homeless people

Homeless people

We seek to make the homeless population in downtown Medellín visible to other citizens by creating different strategies to face this social phenomenon.

Go to Infancy


We create environments that contribute to building the life projects of children in vulnerable situations, through workshops based on art and culture.

Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization with over 7 years of experience structuring and implementing social projects, volunteer training, and research of critical social issues in the city of Medellin, Colombia.
Integral Methodological Scheme for Social Inclusion

Fundación Visibles emerged from a collective initiative of students and hard working professionals who, after feeling bewildered and touched by the indifference towards some populations, decided to face some of these realities in their city. Beginning by walking through the streets in downtown Medellin, we identified the convergence of two main problems in the same place: homelessness and internal displacement. It is possible for a same human being, adult or child, to gather the distinctive characteristics of both realities, making his situation harder to deal with. From this point, we started working with the children of the Colon neighbourhood in downtown Medellin, and expanded our interventions to other areas and populations in the metropolitan area of the Aburra Valley

All our programs and projects are designed based on our Integral Methodological Scheme for Social Inclusion. This document establishes research as the main tool to get to an integral understanding of a social phenomenon, which in turn allows us to structure activities that have a high positive impact in the populations we work with.

In 2013 we were formalized as a non-profit organization and we have worked since then to make the problems of populations in vulnerable situations visible. We say “in vulnerable situations” because we believe them to be capable people whose abilities are affected by their context.


Our team

We are pleased to have a team with a heterogeneous view of the world. This allows us to approach social phenomena from different areas of knowledge and intervene them integrally. The members of our Board of Directors are:

Johnatan Ramirez Alvarez

25. Industrial Engineer of the National University of Colombia. Former head of the Donations Committee and volunteer since 2013.

Mariana Alvarez

General Secretary
25. Political scientist and social communicator of the EAFIT University. Head of the Communications Committee, Mariana is passioned about social issues.

Sebastian Ramirez Saldarriaga

24. Industrial Engineer of the National University of Colombia.

Natalia Ramirez Saldarriaga

Project Manager
23. Senior student of Food Engineering at the University of Antioquia.

Susana Vargas Betancur

Methodology Manager
23. Senior student of Health Administration at the University of Antioquia. Methodology Manager of the General Methodological Scheme for Social Inclusion of Fundacion Visibles.

Juan Esteban Martinez Jaramillo

Human Resource Manager
27. M.Sc. in Systems Engineering of the National University of Colombia. Former General Secretary and member of the Board of Directors. Juanes’ goal is to work hard to strengthen the growth of “Visibles family”.

Jeffrey Charles Winchell Simpson

Head of the Donations Committee
27. Senior student of International Businesses and Law at EAFIT University. Founder member of Visibles.


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