8 December, 2015

Infancy Line

Our goal

The infancy line’s work was born out of observing the dynamics that develop amongst the children in the Niquitao sector of Colón Neighborhood (Barrio Colón) during our initial activities with the homeless in that area. The hard environment that the children are immersed in affects their possibility to develop plans for their life that do not involve the illegal dynamics, addiction and abuse that they witness every day.

This is why we encourage moments and spaces that contribute to the construction of new life plans through the implementation of workshops with alternative pedagogies based on art and its cathartic capacity. With this method we seek to identify and empower each child’s skills and abilities, and help them to question the environment they live in and the opportunities that surround them. We are advocates of the constant formation of our group of volunteers concerning work with vulnerable infancy and by doing so can propitiate atmospheres of trust and dialogue between the volunteers and the children.

Our programs

I see and experience myself

2014 – today

This program has been implemented since 2014 with children between the ages of 2 and 16 in a small childrens home called Semillero Trinitario, located in the municipality of Sabaneta.

With this program we intend primarily to recognize the characteristics of the children and identify their specific need to be able to formulate projects and workshops that address them specifically and have a positive impact on them.

Currently we are structuring an intervention project based on our experience with this population.