17 November, 2016

Your contribution

Do you wish to


Our Foundation emerged from the efforts of a group of students and professionals committed to making those who have been socially excluded visible. Thanks to your valuable contributions we can maintain our endeavour!

Our Donation and Human Resource Management commissions have designed several alternatives so that everyone, from students to businessmen, can support the construction of true social inclusion. Learn about them and help us continue to impact the lives of many through programs and projects that are the result of our experience and a deep understanding of the issues from different areas of knowledge.

Be a volunteer

Giving your time, skills or knowledge

If you are passionate about working with vulnerable populations, if you are interested in investigating social dynamics and structuring projects to positively impact the lives of children and homeless people, come join this dream! Check out volunteering possibilities here (Spanish mandatory).

Monetary donations

These enable us to fund our programs and projects

If you want to support our existing programs or new, high impact projects, you can make monetary donations online by clicking here (Spanish).

Donations in kind

Which we can use in our different activities

Art is an important part of our activities. You can donate any amount of art materials, such as:

  • Vinyls, acrylics, markers, among others.
  • Brushes of various sizes.
  • Rainbow paper, cardboard, canvas, among others.

Contact us to arrange your contribution.


Sponsor any of our activities

You can sponsor the activities of our Lines (learn more). It’s very simple.

  1. Choose the activity you want to sponsor.
  2. Choose one of the sponsorship options.
  3. Wire the corresponding value.
  4. Notify us here.

Campaigns and events

Support our campaigns and events

We are constantly creating campaigns to help our dream reach further and motivate people like you to be part of it. Another way to support us is by acquiring our line of bookmarks and mugs or by participating in the fundraisers we plan.

Corporate donations

Through a tax deduction (up to 30% of declared income)

Social investment is one of the ways in which companies can contribute to the production of capital and a more just society. If you have a company and want to support us remember that according to article 125 of the Colombian tax code, you have the right to receive a certificate of your donation with which you can get up to 30% off your taxes in Colombia.

Write to us here to learn more about it.